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Riding on more than two decades experience in the cleaning machinery industry, we offer you a customized solution to your cleaning need for a manufacturing site or processing unit or warehouse facility or particular site or project.

Depending on your specific need, we recommend you which vacuum will suit you small warehouse or large wash bay.

In partnership with several companies and suppliers, we can offer design and installation for your dust and fume extraction needs.

We not merely selling the machine in a box but we first understand your need and offer you customized cleaning equipment solution to your specific need.

We can also provide out of the box solutions with an extensive range of pressure cleaners and industrial vacuums.

We provide following products:

  1. High-Pressure Cleaners and Water Blaster
  2. Car wash and custom built equipment
  3. FumeDust dust Extraction Equipment
  4. High Pressure Pumps
  5. Industrial Vacuum cleaners
  6. Accessories

Our Testimonial

” Very Efficient and reliable service. Highly recommended ”


” Very frinedly and honest business”


“Worked with Glenn and very happy with his services, I recommend it to everyone who is looking for cost-efficient industrial equipment”