high pressure pump services victoriaHow does high Pressure water pump work?

The high pressure water pump in Victoria works on two simple principles

1. Chemistry of water
Although high pressure water pump works on the same principle as the simple pump works, additionally, you need to know the chemistry of water molecule and detergent.
Water has a property of slight electrical polarity that means one end of the molecule is positively charged while another one is negatively charged, which enables it to stick things to itself. Furthermore, use of detergent also helps water to pull out dirt from the surface.
Due to a narrow high-pressure jet, water travels fast, bombards the dirty surface with high kinetic energy like an unabated rain of tiny hammer blows to remove the dust.

2. Mechanics of water pump
To understand how high pressure pump Melbourne works, let us know how the high pressure water pump’ s following parts function.
• Water inlet:
The water inlet is a hose attached to the main water supply. To stop dirt and debris entering the washer and clogging the system, a filter is attached to the water inlet.
• High-pressure hose:
Emerging from the washer and attached to cleaning attachment, the high-pressure hose is reinforced with wire mesh and multiple layers of high-density plastics. For effective functioning of the high-pressure pump, the hose must have about 300 percent higher pressure rating than the water pump.
• Cleaning attachments:
Depending upon the surface, various cleaning attachments such as trigger gun, spinning wand spray and rotating brush are added at the end of the hose.
• Ground-fault circuit breakers:
As protection against an electrical fault, ground-fault circuit breakers residual current devices are attached to the high pressure water pump in Victoria.
• Electric motor &Water pump:
Powered by an electric motor, a high pressure water pump collects the detergent from a container through one hose and water from a faucet, mixes them, heat the water to a temperature of 50–70°C and squirts out the soapy water through the high pressure exit hose by a trigger gun.

Apart from cleaning masonry, brick, and concrete, the high pressure water pump in Melbourne cleans normal surfaces such as patios, decks, walls, and walkways.