Depending upon the surface that needs to be clean, commercial cleaning equipments in Melbourne are being used for cleaning commercial complexes, hospitality, and hospitals while industrial cleaning equipments in Melbourne is being used for cleaning varied industrial units.

Following four methods are used for cleaning commercial complexes or industrial units.

• Mechanical
The mechanical method uses Industrial cleaning equipments in Victoria to clean industrial units.

• Heat and Steam (sterilization)
The heat and sterilization method is used in commercial units such as hospitals and hotels.

• Chemical
Chemical methods are used to clean commercial complexes, hospitals, and hotels. Depending upon the surface and application, chemicals with different Ph (acidic) values are being used for cleaning the surface. Hydrochloric acids and acetic acids are being used for old and stained toilet pans in a commercial complex. Due to its high tolerance to hard water, detergents are being used in hand washing, dishwashing, laundry, floor cleaning, and carpet cleaning machine at all temperatures. As Alkalis can remove grease and oils, they are widely used in drain cleaning, oven and grill cleaning, car park floor cleaning. Available in paste, powder and liquid form, Abrasives are used to remove grease and chlorine to clean the ceramic surfaces of the bathroom and kitchens. Bleaches, Disinfectants & Sanitizers Bleaches, Disinfectants & Sanitizers are used in hospitals. Polishes are mainly used to clean furniture and floors.

Along with varied chemicals, Commercial cleaning equipments in Victoria are employed to clean commercial complexes

• Combination of both mechanical and chemical method

Following industrial cleaning equipments in Melbourne are being used for the cleaning purpose:

• Vacuum cleaners
• Floor polishing machines
• Floor scrubbing machines
• Portable dryers
• Carpet cleaning machines
• Rotary shampoo machine
• High-pressure washers
• Upholstery Cleaners
• Steam cleaners
• Blowers

As per the need, varied methods are applied to clean commercial and industrial complexes.