Are you wondering how shampoo carpet cleaning in Melbourne works?

It is simple. Carpet cleaner machines in Melbourne work on the extraction injection principle.

These are the two simple steps.

1. Vacuuming the carpet & spraying cleaning chemical on the carpet
Before using the carpet cleaner you need to vacuum the carpet and then spray a cleaning chemical, which dissolves embedded dirt, stains, grease and oils so that the final cleaning extracts even maximum dirt. After spraying the chemical you need to soak carpet for about 15 minutes. Hot water is more suitable to remove stains such as ketchup, coffee, wine, pet urine, and ink from soiled synthetics.
But never use hot water on natural fiber or wool, which can shrink or damage at high temperatures.

2. Pumping the water into the carpet & Extraction of dirt

Carpet cleaner machines in Victoria comprises the pump, vacuum, solution tanks, recovery tanks, heating unit, accessories, and upholstery tools. The pump generates 60 psi to 500 psi pressure to inject the water into the carpet. By using 100-200 CFM power vacuum and 100-250 inches water lift suction strength, vacuum(driven by motors) in the carpet cleaner extracts dirt, cleaning chemicals, and water from the carpet and empties it into an extraction tank of size-4.5 – 17 gallons. By employing attachments or upholstery tool, shampoo carpet cleaner in Melbourne can also clean other soft surfaces, such as upholstery, wall partitions, curtains, and lounges.
By working on the injection-extraction system carpet cleaner machine in Melbourne cleans and dries the carpet.

Depending upon cleaning area carpet cleaning machines is designed in the varied strength and requisite accessories. A portable shampoo machine is ideal for larger floor areas in offices, hotels, healthcare facilities, hire companies and contract cleaning companies.